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Lacey D

MUSICAL GENRE: Roots country
BIRTHPLACE: Edmonds, Washington
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Arlington, Washington

MM: What got you started in music?

LD: My first performance was in a 6th grade talent show, and my performance was inspired by the movie “Sister Act.” From there, I started training at a performing arts school in Kirkland, Washington, where I participated in master classes, music theater, and cabaret shows. That springboarded my career and started to get my name out there.

MM: It seems like you were more in the theatrical side. When did you start getting more into the music side?

LD: When I was about fourteen, I met up with a family friend who owned a recording studio. He hired me to do some background singing and demo work for him. At fifteen, I made my very first four song demo, which were songs I got from that producer. That really helped to put the music bug in me.

MM: What were your next steps from there to get more into the music scene?

LD: Because of my studio work more people were starting to know my name. They heard me sing, and I was hired to sing for sporting events, private parties, and for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. That compelled me to focus even further onto mainstream music. That was right about when Leanne Rhymes started her career, so I also started to really fall in love with country music.

MM: Where you going out and finding these gigs, or were people seeking you out to work with them?

LD: People were coming to me. I think that my connection with that studio really helped. I was only fourteen at the time so I was sort of jumping into this adult world of professionalism feet first, but I really wanted to drive forward and start my own career.

MM: You are just about to release your first CD. What really set the wheels in motion to launch your first project?

LD: When I was working in the recording studio, I was working with this writer and producer who sent some of my recordings to people in Nashville. One of the people who heard it, Scotty Turner took interest in it and offered to produce my album.

MM: What was it like to work with Scotty?

LD: Scotty was amazing to work with. He’s a legend who has worked with the best of the best and it was an honor to just be in his presence, not to mention having him produce my entire album. I have been really fortunate to have hooked up with him.

MM: Do you also feel it was a learning experience working with him?

LD: Absolutely. Being in Nashville and recording in a studio with musicians who have worked with Faith Hill and Reba McEntire and Travis Tritt, and watching them and their work ethic and what type of work it has taken them to get to where they are at was a great experience and a real eye opener for me. It helped me confirm everything that I am doing. Scotty also found the songs for me to perform on the album. Track number 12 “Everyday World” was written for me by Robert Hammerstrom, who is the man I had been working with out of Seattle. “Missing Your Love Tonight” was co-written by me and Robert.

MM: Do you feel that you want to get more involved in the songwriting on future projects?

LD: Absolutely. I wrote my first song when I was twelve years old, and I have continued to write over the years. For this album I wanted to get the best music and the best songwriters to make it as good as it is.

MM: What are your plans to promote and market this CD?

LD: I’ve started my myspace and I have had five thousand hits on it in the past three weeks. I have some local connections and I am constantly running into people who want to help me open up doors and to help me elbow my way into this crazy business.

MM: When people think of the Pacific Northwest they think more in terms of grunge or alt rock. Is there a vibrant country scene there, or is it tough for a country performing in that area?

LD: I think there is a really good scene up here. It may not be as big as in Nashville or in the southern states, but we have some really good radio stations and country fans up here. I think it is more the determination and passion of the artist that determines if they will have a following in their area. I’m willing to break down the doors to let everyone here in the Northwest know that I am an up-and-coming country artist. But I do plan on relocating to Nashville after the first of the year.

MM: Nashville is of course a country music Mecca, but it also has literally thousands of musicians trying to make it there. What are your plans to give yourself an edge when you get there?

LD: I think my contacts will help. I have been very fortunate as a new artist to have made the contacts I have been able to make. I also need to go down there and stay grounded as an artist and stay focused on what I am doing. This may give me a bit more of an advantage to other younger artists who may not be preparing as well.

MM: What are your plans in regard to touring and performing?

LD: I would love to travel and promote my album wherever it takes me. I don’t have a band yet, but I actually have a friend in Nashville who was opening on the Gretchen Wilson tour. He is a drummer and has offered his services to me when I start playing live. So that is a start.

MM: What level of success would you like to see with your career, and what do you feel it will take to get there?

LD: I want to go to the top. I want to have as much success as I can have. I feel that I have been blessed with a gift and I am really grounded in my work. I know it is going to take time as well as hard work and passion, and as an up-and-coming artist, you don’t get everything all at once. I am a patient person and I love to do what I do, so if I work it hard for ten years and only have a thousand fans, I will be thankful for that. I’m ready for any level of success that I will be honored to have.

Lacey D - Everyday Girl
West Country Records

Emerging from the Pacific Northwest, Lacey D is a country singer who is bound to turn heads with her debut effort. Her roots honor the grand dames of country such as Tanya Tucker and Loretta Lynn, while stylistically nodding in a more modern direction to the shade of Carrie Underwood. With the legendary Scott Turner producing, Lacey performs songs from a varied cross section of songwriters and shows remarkable maturity, confidence, and depth with her vocal performances. “Back Burner ” has a gutsy, blues-edged quality, while “You Are” is a touching yet powerful ballad. “Missin' Your Love Tonight” shows that she can handle upbeat foot stompers as well. Lacey is the kind of talent Nashville should be looking for as the growing numbers of country purists hunger for something to rise above the corporate country miasma.

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