music morsels photo August 2007

Compiled by Sandy Serge

Music Morsels encourages all of you with opportunities for companies with opportunities for musicians to email your press releases to for possible inclusion in this column. This column will be featured monthly. Deadline for inclusion is the 25th of the month for the upcoming issue.

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Cherokee County Music Society now forming! This is reserved for Cherokee County musicians, songwriters, industry professionals and businesses who are in Cherokee County, GA...check out the myspace page at and the official web site at for more information. Cherokee County, GA musicians, songwriters, bands, venues - anyone in the biz - please join us. Next meeting - July 17th, 6PM - Rosecreek Library in Woodstock, GA.

Enter the 2007 Undiscovered Band Contest
Hey, bands! Does everyone in your town love your band? Are you still waiting for that big break? Then the Undiscovered Band Contest should be music to your ears! Enter now and promote your band for your chance to receive a record deal of a lifetime!

ISC is now accepting entries for the 2007 competition. All entries must be postmarked on or before October 15, but you can save $ on multiple entries if you enter before July 16 (always a good thing)! Entry forms and instructions for entering are available on our website, or call us at 615.251.4441 for more information. You may enter online or by mail.
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