music morsels photo May 2007

Compiled by Sandy Serge

Music Morsels encourages all of you with opportunities for companies with opportunities for musicians to email your press releases to for possible inclusion in this column. This column will be featured monthly. Deadline for inclusion is the 25th of the month for the upcoming issue.

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Just Plain Folks - It's time for you to sign up and join us!
This is a bulletin focusing on this year's Just Plain Folks Roadtrip dates in the US Midwest and US Southeast.  We are also expanding our Europe tour (France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Poland and Lithuania) to include the UK in Sept-Nov of 2007 but we will focus on that in later emails over the summer.  If you don't live in these areas or want to participate in a Roadtrip tour, there's no need to read further.  We promise to get to your neck of the woods as soon as we can.  It's been 4 years since we visited these two US regions and we're excited to see our old friends and make a lot of new ones while discovering the talent and bringing the community together in each area.

Talent Wanted -

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