Music Morsels

February 2007

by Mark Waterbury

Primus - They Can’t All Be Zingers
Interscope - 80005984-02

Listening to a Primus CD is kind of like having a visit from that friend who is sort of weird but everyone likes because he is quirky and fun to be around. You get several visits from this faithful friend rolled into this "best of" CD. Some of the most beloved tunes are here, including “Too Many Puppies,” “Tommy The Cat,” “John The Fisherman” and “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver.” Those unindoctrined into the Primus world will get a crash course on the fresh rock and roll insanity they are noted for. For those who love them, it is at its core a reminder of just how jaw-dropping the talents of Les, Larry and Tim are.


  Glenn Hughes

Glenn Hughes - Music For the Divide
Demolition Records - FR CD 287

Vocal Virtuoso. There is no better way to describe what Glenn Hughes can do with his voice. Like listening to Satriani or Morse on the guitar, there is something that makes you want to yell “Maestro!” In his latest gift, Glenn turns down the heavy rock a touch for an album that is still powerful, fueled with wafts of funk, jazz and R&B swirling around the subtle Purple-esque root throb. Ably backed by Chad Smith and John Frusciante, the stellar songwriting and musical integrity create an excellent vehicle for this phenomenal vocal display.


  Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley - Life To Win
New Door Records - B0007580-02

Listening to the music, you wouldn’t think this was Paul Stanley even if you recognized his throaty croon. Kiss’s starchild joins forces with Desmond Child for most of the songs, creating an album that is far more modern than one should expect from a classic rock icon. Paul’s voice melds incredibly well with this style of music as exemplified by gritty rockers like “Lift” and the title track, and hooky, pop-edged tracks including “It’s Not Me” and “Bulletproof”. Paul may prove with this effort that even typecast musicians can find new life in the modern music scene.


  3 Legged Dogg

3 Legged Dogg - Frozen Summer
Perris Records - PER1812

Former Bonham vocalist Chas West, ex Quiet Riot guitarist Carlos Cavazo, and one time Dio bandmates Jimmy Bain and Vinny Appice have been touring recently as 4/5ths of the supergroup Hollywood Allstarz. Now, with former DLR guitarist Brian Young, they have joined forces as an explosive original band called 3 Legged Dogg. With influences from the players’ storied past, but an undeniably unique vibe, the music produces intensity in every direction. Songs such as the title track and “Rain On My Parade” could be rock masterpieces. This is great no-nonsense heavy rock meant to be enjoyed loud whether you are sixteen or sixty.


  Peter Frampton

Peter Frampton - Fingerprints
A&M Records - B0007219-02

Peter Frampton’s first instrumental CD showcases that there are reasons to call him a legend beyond having one of the best selling live albums in history. Peter shows incredible diverse faces; from  new age and World to back alley blues, from flat out rock to funk driven folk. Some real gems include the deep, rootsy blues of “Smokey,” jazz fueled rock of “Boot It Up” and a blistering version of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun.” Peter proves to be a masterful if slightly more subtle guitar virtuoso, a fact know for a long time, but now brought to a welcome forefront.


  Crash Moderns

The Crash Moderns - 5 song EP
My World Productions

The undeniable hookiness and stunning vocal harmonies will grab you the second you hear the first throbs of “This Time” from this NYC fivesome. Lighting a modern fire under a power pop classic feel nodding to Cheap Trick and The Cars, these guys write strong, ear-friendly songs that have enough rough edges to let you know they put their soul into it. “All About You” and its grungy guitar licks exemplifies this, and leaves you hungry for a full album.


  Chuck Brimer

Chuck Brimer - I’m Gonna Be Your Hero
Hot Plate Records - HPR-CB02

Gastonia, NC’s Chuck Brimer seems infused with the souls of Roy Orbison and Carl Perkins. Singing like Roy without the high pitched croon and rocking like Carl with country flavors, Chuck maintains an edginess that is reminiscent of Jason and the Scorchers albeit less heavy and more twangy. This is highly entertaining music blending catchy tunes with energy and pure songwriting and performing talents.



The Kick Backs - Motel Stars
Peeled Label Records - PUR 010

The fourth CD from this Cambridge, MA foursome provides Americana fueled rock that also has a very subtle brit alt throb. Think of Train hanging with the Black Crowes at a Coldplay concert. This is evident in songs like “I Crash Cars,” “Fixed To Be Broken” and “Lethal Charm.” Emotive vocal harmonies, driving rhythms and hooky but edgy guitar licks are weaved with intelligent lyric writing and well crafted song structures.


  Louise Setara

Louise Setara - Still Waters
Manhattan Records - 0946 3 54715 2 6

Louise Setara’s husky, moving vocals will grasp you throughout her debut. Although only eighteen, she shows incredible depth and maturity in her vocal presentations of songs written by diverse artists including Bob Dylan, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Seal and Bruce Springsteen. She shows range in “Homeless,” control in “Love Me Still,” a bluesy edge in “Can’t Stop The River” and emotion throughout. A true talent to watch out for.



The Backsliders - self titled

This first aspect that catches you from this Dallas quartet is the vocals of Kim Pendleton, like a hybrid of Janis Joplin and Chrissie Hynde. The punk-edged rock that swirls around her in “Potential Future Selves” slams the throttle to the stops and doesn’t let go. “Promises” shows a more Americana rock side, while “If You Could Wait” goes mellow and bluesy. “Big Deep Shame” is a rollicking cow punk blast. Brash and unbridled, the Backsliders know how to get your attention.


Adam Rich
Division of Serge Entertainment Group