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BOOK CAPSULE by Sandy Serge

Nothing is Impossible by Caspar McCloud

Caspar McCloud
A compelling book about the ravages of rockstar-ism and the toll it can take if the necessary precautions are not followed - in this case, the path that Caspar eventually took was the one to God, away from the evils of lechery, and the lure of drugs and alcohol. It took a near-death experience and the help of great friends like guitarist/Dove Award Winner Phil Keaggy, Dr. Terri Allen and Pastor Henry Wright to help him find the path, but since that time, Caspar has never strayed. Caspar's book eloquently tells his story about leading the rockstar life, his near misses along the way to gaining the notoriety deserved by the talented guitarist and songwriter he is, and the severe adversities he faced at every turn. Yet, at one turning point, Caspar realized he would only succumb to the way of the Lord and since then, his life has done a complete 180. On the road to fame, Caspar McCloud believed he had it all, but also faced the emptiness that goes along with a certain level of fame, disease from allergies, and a heart condition which nearly killed him. Rising above the depths of despair, Caspar McCloud shows us all that "Nothing Is Impossible". He was actually dead for several minutes and brought back to life by the Spirit of the Lord. Why don't you read the book for yourself and develop your own conclusions after absorbing Caspar's inspirational story? You will find Nothing Is Impossible is a real page turner and an easy read. Once I picked it up, I couldn't put it down. Available through at:
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