music morsels indie music July 2006 

by Mark E. Waterbury

ARTIST NAME: Jason Martinez - vocalist for Revery
MUSICAL GENRE: Modern hard rock
BIRTH PLACE:  Upstate New York
NUMBER OF CDS SOLD:  1000 copies of self released debut CD
FAN BASE:  several thousand

MM: How is the tour going?

JM: It’s going well. We are seeing a lot of new faces who are apparently liking us so we are doing our job. They are definitely reacting well to the music.

MM: Do you feel that live performances with touring is one of the more important aspects of trying to increase the buzz about Revery?

JM: Absolutely. You really have to get out there and let people see you and make up their own minds before they go to buy your own music. We are fortunate enough to perform frequently so we can deliver live.

MM: Was that how you let people know you were out there when you first formed the band?

JM: Yes, that is how it happened, We beat the Virginia Beach area up quite a bit. That was the best way for us to do it and we thrive on our live shows and tend to do pretty well. 

MM: Along with the live shows, what else do you do to connect with your fans?

JM: One thing we like to do is make ourselves available and not untouchable. Personally, I like to hang out and talk with the people in the crowd before and after the show. I like to get to know them and let them know we are just a bunch of regular guys. We like to stay in their faces and just meet the people.

MM: Going back to when you formed the band, did you feel that you had the right chemistry?

JM: Absolutely. We knew we had something solid and knew there was no way there would be another line up change unless something drastic happened.

MM: Did you start recording a CD right away?

JM: We had some tunes from a band I used to be in, and wrote some new songs just so we could get out there and play them live first. Our manager Jimmy Anderson had a studio in his home in Newport News, and he had already been producing local bands for several years and getting pretty good at Pro Tools. So when we had enough music for a whole CD, we recorded it with him.  Then we would sell the CD out of the back of our cars at gigs.

MM: How did you get hooked up with EVO Recordings?

JM: Using the first disc, we shopped it to every major label and several of the indies as well. Like every band, you get a ton of “no’s” before you get a “yes.” EVO heard our music and in October 2004 they came down to see us at the NORVA in Norfolk. They came down there with the premise that if we can deliver live, that they were ready to sign us. They saw us at that show, and that night, they said they were going to go to the office and draft the paperwork for the deal.

MM: You must have built a very good local following, playing in a prestigious room like the NORVA. Do you think that was another factor that EVO looked at, that you were doing well in your own back yard?

JM: I believe so. It is always good to have a solid following in your home market. You really need that before you get out and try other markets. I think (EVO) were pleased with our sales and we have really loyal fans in the market; the type that come out and follow us to every show.

MM: When you went into the studio to record your first EVO release “Avarice and Absolution,” did you have a different set of ideals and parameters than you had with the first one?

JM: With the new record coming out on a label, Jimmy (Anderson) had built a complete studio with pro gear in it. So it was similar to what we did with the first one, but with better equipment. And we were very pleased with how it came out.

MM: Do you feel that “Avarice and Absolution” is a CD that can really help launch the band?

JM: We believed that when we recorded it and we still believe it. It is a record that takes you on a ride with a diverse’s just a great rock and roll record.

MM: You have a label, a booking agent, a publicist and a radio promoter working to help your career. What are you doing beyond that to keep increasing the buzz?

JM: We try to utilize Myspace as a huge tool to get the name out there. We still do grass roots work like putting up flyers and try to stay as close to the fans as possible.

MM: What do your fans like most about the band?

JM: Most of our fans think we sound better live than on the records which we believe is a huge compliment. We try to keep the recording as basic as possible so we can pull it off live. We get really excited playing the music live.

MM: Everyone seems to try to pigeon hole music into genres and sub-genres. When all is said and done, would you say that Revery’s music is just simply rock and roll?

JM: That is exactly what it is. Anytime anyone asks anyone in the band that question, we tell them we are a straight up rock and roll band. The terms change every week it seems; what was alternative a year ago is not alternative now. We are just straight up rock and roll with no pretenses.

MM: What do you feel Revery has to do to reach the level of success you would like to see?

JM: We have to stay out on the road. We have to play in front of people, meet the fans and show them what we have. I hope that we have a long career. Financial success would be fantastic. Personally, if I can make just enough money to get by and stay on the road and do what I love...what we all do, that is playing music. Bottom line is we just want to get out there and play, and share our feelings with other people.

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