music morsels May 2006 


Using Your Art & Media To Comfort People by Anne Leighton

Noted music writer Anne Leighton aims straight for the heart in this book with a title that sums up in a nutshell what you will find between the covers. In an era were there is so much exposure to negativity, Anne has provided a resource primarily for musicians but for other artists as well to help them shine a positive light on people using whatever art medium suits them. Her writing style accomplishes this in a fashion that makes you feel like you are sitting in a comfortable room with Anne explaining her passions and ideals to you. While often being simply to the point on subjects, it is also highly detailed and intelligent in the weaving of pop icons and current events into the overall picture, making the book more accessible. Perhaps the most important aspect in the book is insight on how to gain access to various media outlets, culled from Anne’s years of experience as a music publicist. Her advice in this avenue includes innovative methods to get your foot in the door and marketing ideas that can fit any sort of budgetary plan.

Even though the main thrust of this book is how artists can use their craft to make people a little happier during these often-trying times, there are also lessons, both direct and indirect on how musicians in particular can build successful careers for themselves. The focus is on generally creating a positivity with your careers, how you live your life, and how you transmit this to others who experience your art. What really makes this book work is that Anne writes in such an honest, open and positive manner that she transmits her ideals to the reader, who hopefully will absorb this and pass it on to others. In this way, she becomes a paragon for the points she is trying to make. Weaving this with writing that is also entertaining and informative, as well as a list of resources, a work project worksheet, and some really unique illustrations by artist Athena Schaffer, Anne has created not just an invaluable resource for musicians and artists, but poignant examples on how to live everyday life. - Mark Waterbury
Available at and at New York City area book stores including St. Marks Books, Labyrinth Books, Baruch College, Colony Music and The Drama Bookstore.
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