January 2006

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ALBUM CAPSULES by Mark E. Waterbury

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xRhen - Runaround
NOI Records
  Brooklyns Rhen find a nice midground between the jam styles of Dave Matthews and Screamin Cheetah Wheelies, injecting a laid back vibe. The guitar riffs are more acoustic oriented, but still can rock as in the high gear grooving How Long? Recognize has subtle World stylings melded with a frenetic drive and spectacular vocal work from Adrian Farre. This is music that is well-written and has extraordinary life force breathed into it.
URL: http://www.rhenmusic.com
E-mail: noirecords@hotmail.com




xRude Rooster - Step Up
Jamot Music - 61689264402
   Some real metal is cooking in Kenosha,WI. Rude Rooster prove on their second CD that they just want to rock as hard as they can, without hanging onto any current coat tails. Thing is they arent really retro either, although you can hear influences from early Metallica and Sacred Reich albeit less speedy. They seem to do something a bit different in the way they combine ear melting riffs with the right waft of harmonies and blistering axe solos. Its honest, intense, and way cool.
URL: http://www.ruderooster.com E-mail: michael@ruderooster.com


xSamsCrossing - All Paths Lead
  Growing from the acoustic duo of Jodi Thompson and Denis Rand, Atlantas Sams Crossing has now grown into a five piece band with a stripped down feel. Also injecting a healthy dose of musical intrigue, this CD includes some stunning acoustic guitar work and the right touch of drums and bass holding down the rhythmic throb. The vocals are also ear catching and melodic highlighting the intelligent lyrics. Solid songwriting and tight musicianship predominate.
URL: http://www.samscrossing.com


xThe Juliana Theory - Deadbeat Sweetheart
Paper Fist/Abacus - 0019-2
   Western Pennsylvanias The Juliana Theory displays one of the reasons their DIY approach to music has worked so well. Taking comfortable hooks and infusing prodigious amounts of fervor and songwriting savvy into the mix, they produce this undeniable infectious energy. Although you feel influences from Foo Fighters, U2 and Social Distortion, TJT still has a fresh sound. They create through the talent of making music you can actually feel, not just hear.
http://www.thejulianatheory.com E-mail: stacy@abacusrecordings.com


xMichael Shapiro - Somehow Someway

Rockview Records
  After surviving the emotional shock of being in the band that opened for Great White at the tragic Station Nightclub show in 2003, Michael Shapiro launched his solo career. He pours his heart and soul into the music, with lyrics that tend to be uplifting from an honest perspective. With a deep emotive voice like what Bowie may have sounded like if he grew up in Austin, Michael tells his story with a gritty but soulful rock jangle and just the right touch of hooks.
URL: http://www.michaelshapiromusic.com E-mail: mediaho@mac.com



xThe Stivs - Sweet Heartache And The Satisfaction
Boot To Head Records - BTH031
   Portland, ORs The Stivs remind you of early Sub Pop days when punk was brash, loud and in your face. It seems a strange marriage with the slick almost bombastic production, but producer Jack Endino pulls it off masterfully. They owe as much to ACDC as to the Stooges or Gruntruck, evident on tracks like Gimme Love and The Satisfaction. Snarling Iggy-style vocals and gutsy lyrics increase the fervor. If they are named for him, the late Stiv Bators would be proud.
URL: http://www.thestivs.com E-mail: thestivs@thestivs.com


xTen Years After - Now
Fuel 2000 - 302 061 488 2
  Legendary rockers Ten Years After prove they have plenty of life even without Alvin Lee. Joining original members Chick Churchill, Leo Lyons and Rick Lee is guitarist/vocalist Joe Gooch. He adds a youthful vigor to the songs that, while rooted in classic rock, have a bit of a modern edge to them. Tunes like When It All Falls Down, Time To Kill and Reasons Why flat out rock. Killer live versions of the classics Id Love To Change The World and Going Home are also included
URL: http://www.tenyearsafternow.com E-mail: joegooch2@hotmail.com


xWaiflike - Fifty Pence Piece of Mind
  The debut CD of Waiflike, the latest project from Chicago singer/songwriter Rich Miller has a grungy feel that toys with punk especially with the Brit inflection in his voice. Minimalist electronic beats are often combined with fat, buzz saw guitar riffs. Why Is The Bed Always Wet highlights Richs intelligent lyric writing. What Are We Waiting For Now has a more heartland feel to it and Plastic Pigs delivers surreal folk. Very well crafted music with unique touches.
URL: http://www.waiflike.biz E-mail: rich@waiflike.biz




xScotti Xander - Paradise
Pamanjon Records
  Seraphic voiced Scotti Zander produces a tantalizingly beautiful collection of smooth jazz and R&B songs. Ably backed by the music talents of long time collaborators John Brown and Gino Blacknell, Scottis vocal work is still the star here. Originals like Cant Dream That High and Circles are lush and emotive. The combos unique treatments of The Beatles I Wanna Hold Your Hand and Dylans I Shall Be Released shine equally bright. URL: http://www.pamanjonrecords.com


1. CD/DVD CAPSULES by Mark E. Waterbury

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