January 2006

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ALBUM CAPSULES by Mark E. Waterbury

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1. CD/DVD CAPSULES by Mark E. Waterbury

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Chadwick Hagen - Ottley Road
Emerald City Entertainment Group - ECEG
  Chadwick Hagen immediately garners your attention with his voice, sort of a Lou Reed meets a less nasal Bob Dylan. You also pick up on his solid rock grooves that feel like a lighter and funkier Collective Soul. Then you realize that he has his own thing going here, with his soulful voice and music that draws you right in and gets your toes in an unavoidable tapping mode. Thoughtful lyrics, solid guitar and keyboard interplay and a smooth but intense rhythmic vibe predominate.
URL: http://www.emeraldcityeg.com
E-mail: info@emeraldcityeg.com


Jeffrey Halford and the Healers - Railbirds
Shoeless Records - SHOE 2444
  You wouldnt expect this kind of Americana soul from a San Francisco boy, but Jeffrey Halford leaves his heart on every track of this CD. Troubadour folk in the vein of early Steve Earle and Rodney Crowell with just the right touch of countryfried rock. Jeffrey may have one of the best voices out there and his lyric work is not less than brilliant. Songs like Watching The Trains and Rent To Own display some serious guitar chops as well. With his fifth album he really deserves greater acclaim.
URL: http://www.jeffreyhalford.com
E-mail: shoelessrecords@yahoo.com


Beau Hall - Unh!
Flyanna Records
  The leader of Atlanta blues act Blind Slim takes a slightly different tack with this CD. There is a bluesy undercurrent, but it feeds the tendrils of jam, funk and roots country that weave together masterfully. Hell And Ecstacy is a soulful, gritty rocker of the Tobacco Road vein, displaying Beaus vocal and guitar talents. The funky Superhot Lady Cop could have came from Motown instead of the ATL. This music is fresh, highly energetic, and just plain fun, with killer chops as well.
URL: http://www.beaurocks.com
E-mail: beaurocks@yahoo.com


Carla Hassett - First
Paulista Records
  Having recorded or performed with Norah Jones, Billy Idol and Jon Anderson, you would have high expectations of this Brazil born singer songwriter. She more than meets them, from the first restrain of the electronic fueled light funk of Not Real Love. Slickly produced by Carla herself, the music has catchy hooks but in a less pretentious way than most pop divas. Her sultry but emotive voice is the focal point but she obviously used her talents in all facets of this debut. URL: http://www.carlahassett.com
E-mail: publicity@musikinternational.com


Walter Hnots Acoustics - Freakin Fresh
  From the first strains of When I Find My Way Back Home you notice two aspects; his voice which sounds like a more soulful Sting, and a - well - freakin fresh approach to songwriting. He drives a mostly acoustic fueled grove that is infectious, but takes interesting little side roads that heighten your interest such as changes in tempo and keys. You Make Me lets Amy Molewski show her wonderful vocal talents as well. Music that just has that undeniable enjoyability factor.
URL: http://www.walterhnotsacoustics.com
E-mail: wavevector@hotmail.com


3Indicia - Identifying Marks
Kanpai Records
  This mesmerizing mix of trip hop, electronica with touches of funk and rock is given serious spice with the alluring vocals of Betsy Ullery. The one time folk singer/songwriter collaborates with programmer/drummer David Ward to create this ethereal but energetic music. Its Coming Aroundevokes the background burble of Fatboy Slim. Powder has a highly sexual groove and Runaway blows away most dance mix songs out there. Innovative and provocative music. URL: http://www.kanpairecords.com
E-mail: press@kanpairecords.com


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