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ALBUM CAPSULES by Mark E. Waterbury

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1. CD/DVD CAPSULES by Mark E. Waterbury

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Shelly Bhushan - The Shelly Show
Red Card Records - SB8253468996
  This four song demo from NYC via Austin singer/songwriter Shelly Bhushan shows influences from both music meccas. Goodtime kick starts the CD with a back ally funk jam. Run is that kind of dusky ballad that would be more comfortable in the Texas hill country. Alternating styles again with the sultry boogie of Taken and the soul tugging Too Hard To Fall, Shelly anchors all the music with a soulful voice and excellent control of her vocal inflections.


Children Of the Risk - Solution X
Empath Records
  Michael James has created a wild whirlpool of metal, punk and straight ahead rock. Reminiscent of bands like the Beat Farmers and U.K. Subs with the guttural guitar power of Guns N Roses and Metallica, Michaels twisted vocals and tongue in cheek lyrics put a unique stamp on it. Songs like Its A Good Thing, The Game and Drownin show his ability to flat out rock. This is mosh pit inducing, turn it up until the neighbors call the cops music at its best.


Cult of Sue Todd - Nothing Noteworthy Happened Today
Nacho Bake Records - NBR010
  This Tampa Bay area act weaves a wild tapestry of folk and cowpunk with a welcome touch of strangeness. The Jello Biafra meets Meatloaf (Jelloloaf?) vocals are combined with frenetic rhythms and quirky guitarwork. (Worst/First) Time is a warped take on a cowboy western while Burn Tampa is like a surfpunk soundtrack for an Ed Wood movie with scathing lyrics. This band has a real f**k it - here we are attitude, which is refreshing in a twisted sort of way.
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Given - From The Wreckage That Was...
  From Paducah, Kentucky comes one of the freshest new voices in rock. Its hard to pigeonhole their styles; Creed with more melodic vocals, Coldplay with heavier guitar passages...perhaps this fivesome has carved their own indelible sound. One minute you have soothing, harmonic vocals and acoustic guitar, and the next you are immersed in an explosive guitar attack. They create incredible energy not necessarily with the music itself, but by the obvious emotion that fuels it.


Tom Gavornik - Soul Cry
  Veteran jazz guitarist/arranger Tom Gavornik has produced a double disc collection of fantastic musical delights as What You Lose Is What You Find kicks off CD 1 with an edgy rock fusion blast. "Rainy Days Comic Book Dreams has a mellow beatnik feel with intricate six string mastery. CD 2 includes two versions of Hostage, No More while the second lets Steve Lucas fretless bass chops shine. Tom proves his name should be mentioned with the likes of Al Dimeola and George Benson.



Grayson Ray - Tales of Mystery and Loneliness
Lavender Sky Records - LAV0010
  L.A.s Grayson Ray has a more fresh and varied perspective on retro music than many bands do. A background psychedelic throb from the B52s school is weaved with everything from surf pop and British invasion to honky tonk blues. The vocals are killer, too, sometimes reminiscent of Pet Sounds era Beach Boys, particularly on Last Man On Earth. Along with the unique stylings, you can tell they pay specific attention to the songwriting.

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