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Music Morsels' Own Scott Turner Chronicles His Life In Audio Cassette Series 
Scott Turner Audio Cassette Series Tapes 1-20 Are Now Available! Plus BONUS TAPE #21 is also available.
Scott Turner, renowned publisher/producer/songwriter and columnist for Music Morsels has begun his audio cassette series chronicling his 47 years in the music industry. Each 90 minute tape will highlight the important events in his music career from his first recording session and how he landed a recording deal to his days with Buddy Holly, Tommy Sands, Guy Mitchell, Eddie Fisher, Herb Alpert, Audie Murphy, Harry Nilsson, Phil Spector as well as his career at recording labels such as Central Songs and the country division at Liberty which eventually became United Artists. Each tape sells for $12 and will periodically include songs that have never been heard along with rare photos. The first tape chronicles Scott Turner's "Early Years" beginning in the mid-50's spoken by Scott Turner himself. Several publishers have approached him to write a book, but guess what? Scott Turner has graced us with the honor of presenting the treasured moments in his musical career on tape to you!

To order Tapes #1 - 21, please complete this form (copy and paste is easiest) and mail with your check or money order for $12 plus $1 shipping and handling per tape ($13 total) to: Scott Turner Cassette Series, c/o Serge Entertainment Group, PO Box 2760, Acworth, GA 30102. You will receive ordering information for additional tapes when you receive your first tape.

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Please make checks payable to Serge Entertainment Group. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Thank you for your order!
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Artists Helping Artists (Aha!) is an IRS-recognized 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to building greater arts collaboration and recognizing and nourishing creative vision. We are an arts outreach and artists' service organization (omni-creative and inter-spiritual) open to all artists from all walks of life. We are devoted to igniting imagination in creative spirits and enhancing culture through the creative arts community.
This Is Where It Begins...
Aderrick, tagged as uniquely creative, a cross between Prince and Nine Inch Nails describes himself and his music best.  The best performers make us feel the music.
This Is Where It Begins is the perfect album for listening to before or after the club or an inspiring night out. Tracks like; Where It Begins sounds like an effort of tight, guitar-driven rock. What You Want and Dry Dance have cool drumbeats to create engaging dance tracks. At this point you know it's time to get up and dance. One Of Them makes naughty sentiments even naughtier and bondage even sexier.
Baring Aderrick's mellower side are, Say You Love Me, Apart and Something Better. Truly highlighting his vocals and talent as a lyricist.
The music is a fusion of rock and pop, with an edge to it;
It's what your body has been waiting for.
Aderrick has been featured on Expose' TV show and Regional Music Underground (Chicago Public access music programs) and continues to perform at various venues.
Aderrick's album, This Is Where It Begins can be purchased at  CD, Tower Records / Schaumburg, IL and Coconuts / F.Y.E. Chicago land locations.
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This summer Galaris is publishing a new resource for musicians!! This all inclusive musicians directory will include the following categories: Booking Agents, Clubs, Disc Manufacturers, Distributors, Legal Services,
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