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ALBUM CAPSULES by Mark E. Waterbury

Cathy Henderson of Antigone Rising

Muse-Wrapped Records GM Trent Gardner

indie and national artists CD Reviews


Jack Foster III

compiled by Sandy Serge

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Antigone Rising - From The Ground Up
Hear Music/Lava Records - LAVA 93805-2
Ê ÊÊ An unplugged collection from this quintet of lady rockers whets your appetite for when the full on rock CD will be released. The luscious vocal harmonies are more at the forefront here, although the guitar expertise also garners attention albeit in a more tempered fashion. The songwriting weaves heady influences from classic rock acts with a modern edge, pop sensibility and astute lyrics that will touch you with their honesty. While their music works exceptionally well in this stripped down format, you can tell by the background intensity here that this band can rock with the best of them. URL:



Jack Foster III - Raptorgnosis
Muse-Wrapped Records
Ê ÊÊ When you work with top prog rock producers Trent Gardner and Robert Berry there are certain expectations. Jack Foster III not only lives up to them on his second CD, he gives you something more. There is a certain prog element to the music, but Jack also infuses subtle brush strokes of jazz, folk and world stylings to paint a vibrant mosaic. Vocally he falls nicely in a mid-ground between Christopher Cross and Greg Lake, providing the perfect foil for his thought provoking lyrics. From the poignant ballad Heaven On Earth to the gritty guitar rock of Koan, there is some real ear opening music here. URL:



Austin Bridges - Awake The Day
Ê ÊÊ This foursome from Indianapolis has something interesting happening here. The music stays mostly in the acoustic driven pop vein with flashes of up-tempo vibrancy and wicked guitar solos that lend a subtle intensity. Influential tendrils from Brit pop to Heartland jangle and an undeniable but non-pretentious waft of jam twist through the CD and often through individual songs. Witness a song like Jesus On A Road Trip and you can experience how their music draws you in. URL: E-mail:



Terramara - Four Blocks To Hennepin
Redhead Records - readhead-002
Ê ÊÊ The Twin City's Terramara creates a hybrid of rock and jazz that feels comfortably rooted in both genres, yet has an unmistakable voice of its own. Think Steely Dan and Bruce Hornsby with more textured harmonic vocals, and touches of the Police and even Tangerine Dream. One minute you may feel you are in a smoky martini bar, and the next you are row one in a rock venue. The vibe tends to be tempered but snappy, with songs that just seem to have that certain enjoyment factor. URL: E-mail:



The Auto Body Experience - Forgotten Lots
Dental Records - CD 1016
Ê ÊÊ The horn driven rock sound from this veteran Minneapolis act does not have the metallic ska thump of the Bosstones or Less Than Jake, but it rocks of its own accord. With more jazzy, bluesy and classic rock influences, the ear pleasing musical backdrop allows you to also pay attention to the often wickedly humorous lyrics. Songs like Everyone's Fault, the Otis Redding meets Phish Inside Out and the driving Terry Grass are a few of the real stand outs. URL: E-mail:





Mopa - demo
Ê ÊÊ Explosive alt rock from the music mecca of Austin, Texas, Mopa has a certain under current of brashness weaved with melodic flourishes in just the right doses. Seething power nodding towards Creed intertwines with more reigned in progressive passages. Versatile guitar work from face boiling riffs to more minor-cord acoustic tinged moodiness is fleshed out by frenetic rhythms and potent but harmonic vocals. Strength in songwriting is another noticeable dimension here. URL: E-mail:



Kickin' Daisies - self titled
Ê ÊÊ Jersey's Kickin' Daisies takes power pop rock and adds a sassy lady vocalist to create a killer debut. The Good Charlotte inspired Blue Eyes, classic rock guitar driven Seal Your Doom and edgy power ballad Best Friends will really make you take notice. The lyrics are thoughtful and presented by the beautifully fervent voice of Shy. This foursome proves their own well rounded songwriting personalities work wonderfully when melded with familiar styles. URL: E-mail:




Mojo Gurus - Shakin' In The Barn
Empire Musicwerks
Ê ÊÊ With the retro/classic rock resurgence in modern music, the world should be prepared for the music of Mojo Gurus...or should they? Standing the retro genre on its ear and kicking in the accelerator like a 65 Mustang, this Tampa band takes early Sun Records era rock and puts a raunchy, punky guitar blast into it. If the Stray Cats got in a back alley rumble with Social Distortion it could sound like this. Yes, the world SHOULD be ready for this in your face, butt kicking act. URL: E-mail:




Jann Klose - Black Box EP
Ê ÊÊ The four song taste from this New York resident is an excellent precursor for a full length CD. With acoustic driven pop that is also quit edgy, Jann proves to be an excellent songwriter with pure talents on the six string. Add to this his robust but sweetly emotive voice with lyrics that emanate from his soul and the result is some very good music. The touching but intense ballad Fever In My Heart and snappy alt folk rock of Walk Through the River leave you hungry for more. URL: E-mail:




Ed Bentley - Here We Go Again
Ê ÊÊ Recently inducted to the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, Ed Bentley gives serious cred to his induction with this CD. Foot stomping music with a gritty edge steeped in boogie rock roots, Ed's gravelly, soulful voice has a high octane vehicle. The full throttle country edged Freight Train Boogie the barrel house shag inducing Dance Bop a Shoo Bop and the beach tinted ballad Bluebirds Over the Mountain show slightly different sides. Throwback music with just the right modern edge. URL: E-mail:>


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