Say Cheese

As they say in the industry, "What goes around, comes around" and that applies to an old friend/photographer par excellence named Dan Helland. Dan is an old pal who came to Nashville in the late 70's after having been the house photographer in a night club in Green Bay, Wisconsin namely the Carlton West which is no longer in operation. Dan has great memories of photographing such entities as Roy Clark, Johnny Cash, Pat Boone, The Mills Bros., and, fortunately, the great showman Liberace. At Bill Anderson's insistence, Dan moved to Nashville and became one of country music's most-in-demand photographers.
I hadn't seen Dan in over 10 years, but he happened to join our breakfast club group recently and I asked him what road his career had taken since I last saw him and he showed us the most professional two-CD package on Liberace that I've ever seen. The accompanying booklet had some of the greatest photos of the master showman that all of us at the table were overly impressed with.
When I worked in Las Vegas with many artists, I had the opportunity to meet Lee (as Liberace's friends called him) and I also saw his show which was spectacular. Dan was able to lease 21 cuts for his package titled "An Evening On Stage With Liberace", and as I mentioned, the photos are eye-catching, all 70 of them. The two CDs contain the most requested songs and are brilliantly produced. For those of you who might be interested in acquiring the project, you can reach Dan at
By the way, Dan gave me the phone number of another old friend namely Dave Sommerville who was the lead singer of the Diamonds, the hit-makers in the old rock n' roll era with many #1 singles to their credit. I called Dave and we had a great conversation about our days on the road in Hawaii, Australia and other well-known venues. You can see Dave these days on the PBS Oldies shows. In fact, I was surprised to see Dave singing with The Four Preps, another well-known group of the doo-wop era.
At any rate, it was nice to see Dan again after many long years and if anyone out there is a Liberace fan, you'll be overly pleased with Dan's project. :->