by Mark E. Waterbury

BOOK REVIEW by Mark E. Waterbury

Band Aide by John and Angela Taylor
Personhood Press
There are plenty of reference books out there that teach musicians the ins and outs of the business. “Band Aide” is a short but highly informational guide that delves into two major subjects: how to form your band and keep it together and all the pertinent info you need to get out there and gig. John and Angela are obvious insiders, because they break everything down into even the tiniest details that many fledgling musicians are apt to overlook. They keep the language simple but explanatory, and move expediently from one subject to the next which keeps the reader from getting bogged down, while still allowing them to absorb the information. The subject matter is very concise, dealing with everything from hiring and firing band members, how to deal with band members in touchy situations and keeping egos in check, to handling any situation that may arise surrounding a live performance. John and Angela obviously realize that many musicians either ignore or don’t take the time to learn some of the most basic fundamentals of the business. “Band Aide” lays out these fundamentals in language that all musicians can relate to, therefore becoming a valuable resource that a musician can literally carry with them (due to its diminutive size) and refer to whenever necessary.
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