ALBUM CAPSULES by Mark E. Waterbury

Julius Curcio - 4 song EP
Philly singer/songwriter Julius Curcio sets the table and leaves you hungry for more with this four song morsel. “What If” is an acoustic based rocker ala John Mayer that masterfully weaves pop hooks with a profound edginess. “American Pie” has a laid back groove with electronic touches, sort of like Train on a stripped down Radiohead trip. Julius’ wonderfully harmonic rasp is the perfect vehicle for the thoughtful lyrics and he displays solid chops on the six string as well. URL: E-mail:
Dominic Gaudious - The Eye Of God
The fifth recording by one of the instrumental guitar world’s jewels takes a slightly different tack then previous efforts. Predominantly mellow but no less dramatic and emotive than his prior work, Dominic’s brush strokes of new age, classical, folk and even rock influences flow gracefully onto the canvas in “The Eye Of God.” The result is music that caresses your mind and soul while still holding you in fascination of the stunning talent involved. URL: E-mail:
Ju-Taun - How Bad U Want It
Climax Entertainment - 2559-2
South Jersey’s Ju-Taun look more to the roots of R&B for their phenomenal vocal harmonies, injecting just the right dose of modern hip hop to keep it current. The messages are mostly positive and uplifting, conveyed with surprising vocal maturity by a fivesome whose ages range from twenty to twenty-two. The vibe tends to be mellow, but the vocals are so enthralling that it will hold your attention from start to finish. URL: E-mail: none
Peluka - Take Take Take
If Coldplay and Yes were hanging out in a studio and decided to collaborate, it may sound like this San Francisco act. More leaning towards the ethereal alt rock darlings, but with a deft touch of prog instrumentation and luscious vocal harmonies, this CD is a breath of fresh and interestingly scented air. Moody but uplifting, mellow but intense, Peluka’s music will soothe and grasp your soul simultaneously. URL: E-mail:
Greenlight Promise - In A Mirror That Lied the Truth
Gritty guitars explode at you launching the lead track “Full Circle” by this Trenton, NJ foursome, before surprising you with a U2 inspired bridge. “And Everything” reverses the process, beginning with a mellow groove before stomping on the gas. Ross M. Hull’s Bono meets Pat Monahan voice adds an emotive edge to music that obviously had a lot of thought put into the songwriting. Innovative use of familiar and unfamiliar styles works wonders here. URL: E-mail:
Brice - Cabin Capers
The music from this Minneapolis act carries some of the brashness of local legends The Replacements and Run Westy Run. They also slant in a more modern direction to the shade of Sum-41, adding unexpected vocal harmonies of the American Graffiti era. The songwriting is raw - like people just hanging out a jamming, but it is obviously planned that way and they pull it off masterfully. Brice proves that there is still a lot of life in the Twin Cities music scene. URL: E-mail:
Hoover’s G-String - Elephant Parts
Red Tide Records - RT0124
This Virginia trio has been slugging it out in the indie scene for a decade now, and it is time they received their due. The pop driven hookiness of their music has a visceral edge, combining maturity in songwriting, instrumental prowess and vocal strength with the raw power of wide eyed kids chasing the prize. Strong songs include the gutsy “Go Back To Texas,” the seething but laid back vibe of “A Summer Of Monster” and the punked up take on Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire.” URL:
Through You - 3 Song Demo
Created from the ashes of Day of Infamy, Through You takes power pop and injects it with metal, rap and folk...did I say folk!? Yes - listen to the emotive acoustic based lead-in to “Saltwater Apology” but buckle up for the explosive guitar fueled chorus. “Death and Tragedy” is reminiscent of HedPE with more attention paid to the rock than the rap. “Alive” has the pop edge of Simple Plan with more teeth from the raw feel. The full length is a must-have when it comes out. URL: E-mail:
Frickin’ A - Big Egos...No Ideas
Toucan Cove Entertainment - MLG2 50736
L.A.’s Frickin’ A unleashes a pop-punk-alt driven effort in the direction of Good Charlotte. They keep a uniqueness with their attention to vocal harmonies and tongue-in-cheek pop culture driven lyrics. Fist pumping hooky rockers like “Trend” and “Naked In My Bed” have FM radio written all over them. Other highlights are the edgy boogie of “Party Like a Rock Star” and the raucous cover of Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl.” Watch out for these guys! URL: E-mail:
The Coy - A Beautiful Sad
Something fresh has been brewed by the northern California duo of Jennifer and Robert Hart. They combine everything from folk influenced by the Sundays, edgy guitar fueled alt ala White Stripes, and the bizarre flourishes of an Ed Wood movie soundtrack. “He Dances” grabs you by the throat with its avant garde power, then the lively folk vibe of “Malice” gets your toes tapping. Jennifer’s wonderful voice, intelligent lyrics and interesting embellishments flesh it out. URL: E-mail: :->