by Mark E Waterbury
The Biz Side of Show Business by Lou Freeman

Noted consultant Lou Freeman has created a template for artists in all facets of show business to follow. With this book, Lou obviously has a prodigious knowledge of the “biz” side of show business, and the understanding that most artists and performers do not. The book has the A-Z’s of the inner workings of all facets of show business, from contracts and marketing plans to fiscal planning, tax and legal issues. What makes the book stand out and avoid being a sort of technical manual is Lou laces the text with inspiring exhortations. The flow of his words is lively enough to hold the readers' attention, while staying in depth with the details so they will absorb his advice and reference the proper areas of the book when they need to. It can be tough to balance these writing styles in the non-fiction self-help world, but Lou does it with both flair and attention to detail. With that ideal, he proves that he not only understands that most performers are naive as to the inner workings of the business. He speaks to them in a language they can understand, creating a way to hold their attention long enough to become business savvy if they take his writings to heart. Knowledge and talent are powerful motivators and Lou shows that he has both, making “The Biz Side of Show Business”, a necessary and valuable tool for the artist or performer